The guards are manufactured from stainless steel mesh finished in semi black high temperature powder coat paint. They are fixed using discreet s/s brackets and s/s screws. Each guard is accurately profiled to the aperture of each window and fitted approximately 25mm in front of the glass.


This method of protection is an excellent deterrent to vandalism and attempted break-ins. Polycarbonate also acts as form of secondary glazing, shielding the stained glass from wind and rain. The polycarbonate and stainless steel fixings are unobtrusive, allowing the window to be viewed clearly. The existing glass is thoroughly cleaned before protection. We use 8mm polycarbonate for extra rigidity. It is fire resistant and U/V stabilized on both sides guaranteeing its optical clarity for 10 years. All fixings are stainless steel maintenance free and compatible with the fabric of the building. Air flow is maintained to prevent condensation. 

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